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This Boyu EF-05, 150 litres per hour aquarium external filter is perfect for smaller tanks up to 70 litres – or for use alongside your existing filtration system as a secondary further filter.
The filter comes complete with all fittings to attach to your fish tank including the relevant brackets to fit fish tank rims up to 22mm wide. Also supplied is all tubing and inlet and outlet attachments.
Installation is very simple – fill the EF05 with aquarium water and attach it to the side of your fish tank.
Then install the pipework and plug the system in – the filter will instantly begin to syphon your water through and start circulating the water through the pipework and filtering it inside the system.
Included for filtering your water is 150g of Active Carbon, 150g of Ceramic Bioring media and a large bio filter foam.
Easy installation
As sole filter fits tanks up to 70 litres(with heavy Bio load)
Bracket provided to fit your aquarium rim
All pipework supplied