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Boyu Bend Aquarium With Stand, Size 1529Lx600Wx730H(mm) LH-1500

The Boyu OVER LOAD Aquarium LH-1500 is a completely self-contained fish tank aquarium. Packed with innovative features that are built into the lid and top filter compartment area the system is perfect for the beginning hobbyist.

The aquariums filtration area is completely hidden at the top of the tank and includes return pump and filtration system. .

For cleaning and maintenance the aquariums hood can be opened on the top and the hood if necessary can be removed for better access. .

The aquarium hood houses 2 Numbers of T8 Lighting. The lighting device of this product is made of high quality Aluminium Aloy. The good quality of Aluminium used hence reduces heat, corrosion and Light reflection. The upper fixed filter is very convenient to use and maintain. The tank body is made of whole piece of glass which is well pervious of light. Without blind angel of view it can be viewed broadly at any angle. .

We guarantee you that the price offered here will be the lowest and not other Wesbite or store can ever offer this price. Our expert team will come, deliver and install the Tank for you. These tanks are best suited for Tropical tank setup. Features
Top Filtration system
One-step bended high-grade glass, without any blind visual angle
Modern and elegant design with well waterproof, high efficiency lighting system


Size: 1529Lx600Wx730H(mm)
Liters: 596L
Voltage: AC230/115V-50/60Hz
Power: 19W
Output: 1200L/h
Light power: 40Wx4(T8 Tube)


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