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NEW FORMULA Improved formula 3 times more concentrated than before. Contains natural extracts (humic acids, tannin, trace elements, vitamins, fulvic acids, etc.), as well as extract from the peat and almond leaves. Immediately converts tap water into “black water” Amazon.


NATURAL EXTRACTS, 3 TIMES LARGER CONCENTRATION OF INGREDIENTS 1. Effectively reduces stress and enhances fish coloration. 2. It inhibits the growth of pathogens and significantly strengthens the immune system of fish against diseases.


Playback MOST NATURAL ENVIRONMENT 1. Creates a natural environment for black water aquarium. 2. Effectively improves breeding and hatching rate in the discus and cichlids. 3. It inhibits the growth of algae and improves the growth of aquatic plants.

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120 ml, 250 ml, 1000ml