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Freeze dried Cyclop-Eeze is produced by Argent Laboratories which is one of the most respected names in large scale aquaculture. Cyclop-Eeze is a biologically engineered microorganism (decapod) known for the highest know concentration of Astaxanthene which is a  beneficial nutrient and color pigment. They are also extremely rich in nutritious omega-3 fatty acid, over 40 times the level of newly hatched bring shrimp. Cyclop-Eeze also contains a natural attractant (betaine) which triggers an intense feeding response.
Freeze-Dried Cyclop-Eeze may be used directly as a larval food in aquaculture or as a feed additive in grow out and maturation diets.
Through an expensive dehydration process, Freeze-Dried Cyclop-Eeze begin as Argent’s Deep-Frozen product. The process involves the removal of up to 80% moisture under high vacuum and low temperature – this process ensures that vital bio-molecules and fatty acids are not degraded.
The Freeze-Dried Cyclop-Eeze appear as a brilliant red-orange free flowing powder. The product contains no more than 5% residual moisture and is packaged in vacuum cans or bags.
Each analyzed lot is vacuum packed in 4 kilogram bags or cans of either 400, 100 or 25-gram vacuum tins. The product is stable for very long periods of time in the vacuum packaging and also contains a sufficient amount of the antioxidant ethoxyquin®.
Freeze-Dried Cyclop-Eeze begins as Deep-Frozen Cyclop-Eeze and is dehydrated to only 5% residual moisture so that it retains vital bio-molecules such as Astaxanthene and highly unsaturated fatty acids. This product contains adult Cyclop-Eeze in the range of 800 microns. Bright red-orange free flowing powder. Vacuum packaged for long-term stability. Soak in water to rehydrate.


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