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Quiet running, the latest generation in filter technology.

External pump so that eliminates the hassle of suction: easy to assemble, plug it in, the rest is done by the pump.

The quick disconnect coupling on the top surface (cover lid) allow you to separate the hoses from the canister filter without emptying it. The hose connections are 360° rotatable. Adjustable flow by means of adapter lever.

The filter runs quietly and having a high flow rate. The filter media trays that can be easily removed enable the use of different filter materials from fine to coarse.

The filter trays/cases can be filled separately. The prefilter lying on top retains coarse dirt efficiently and prolongs significantly the lifetime of biological filter materials. Easy to remove and clean and can be re-used. Built in 9w UV Clarification for controlling algae spores/bacteria and promoting clear water

Technical data:

Protection category / insulation class: IP 44 Input

voltage: 230VAC ~50Hz

Power: 16 W Fish Tank

Size: up to 280 Liter Max.

Delivery rate: 1000 l/h Max.

discharge head in m: 1.3 m

Pump details: ceramic shaft

Dimensions: 325x245x405mm

UVC Power: 9W


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